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Adult entertainment is now out of the closet and become a more vocal form of enjoyment, especially with the average single adults across the UK. When we are referring to adult entertainment, we are more precisely referring to stripper clubs and erotic dancing. A study from some data released in 2015 revealed that there are 576 strip clubs across the UK with Berkshire topping the chart with 17 clubs spread across to serve its population of 154,000 or 11.038 per 100,000 people. Bedfordshire emerged as a close second with 11 with an estimated 4.31 per 100,000 people while Lancashire bagged the third position with 30 clubs with 2.565 per 100,000 people.

The above statistics could be well accounted for the fact that an average adult in the UK, especially men, would always vote for a strip club or erotic dancers as ‘cool’ past times while on a ‘boys’ night out’ or a stag party. However, the customer base for such activities are no longer restricted to single men anymore. Appointing strippers for a hen party or even enjoying some sensual moves of male dancers are options that modern day women are also exploring. Occasionally, one can also find couples in strip clubs enjoying their drinks and some intimate moments through private dances.

Myths around stripper clubs are as many as the increasing count of visitors each year. As opposed to the general notion of it being a part of the ‘sex trade’ business, strip clubs across the UK are unique in terms of style and work conditions. It is entirely focused on lap dances and private shows with very little to offer on the main floor. With £30 a night with drinks and some dance moves, to a £10 card for each private dance, one can expect anything but boredom. With a wide range of performers, it is indeed a show to witness scantily dressed women under the bright arch lights adding adequate blitz and glamour to the night. Drinks are offered for you to lighten up the mood and creating a ‘surreal’ ambience with loud music and roars of cheers from people around. However, always be mindful of your conduct when you visit a strip club. An inappropriate behaviour at your end could cost you heavily at the hands of the club management and the tight security which is employed to monitor unruly behaviour and brawls at the venue.

Certain strip clubs across the UK can boast of having a bevy of beauties who are not only eye-candy but excellent dancers as well. More often than not, you will find them professionally qualified in pole dancing, lap dancing and many more to entertain their customers. Through exceptional body movements, one can only be awe-struck to watch how fit and dexterous these ladies are. It is never an easy task to offer drinks to men (yes, at times the ‘creepy’ ones too!) and dance for them in high heels and scanty clothes. Most of them are earning a livelihood with this job and comprise of women from different backgrounds and social strata and hence instead of seeing them as an object of lust, one needs to be empathetic of the hard work that goes into being a successful strip club dancer.

So, the next time you want that extra spice to your evening, login to . The Adult Entertainment register enlists the names of the well established agencies to make your next party memorable. So, if you are above the age of 18 and have enough in your pockets to spare, go for it and experience the world of ‘adult fun’.

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